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I'm Sorry, Open Source Sniffers

About a month ago I went on a petulant rant about how frustrating it can be to work with open source WiFi sniffers. Well, I'm sorry. It turns out that using the DWL-G122 with KisMAC is pretty darned simple. For those that haven't read the previous post, here's the basic setup: -Mac OS X laptop (I'm using 10.6 now, but 10.5, 10.4, etc. have all worked for me.) -D-Link DWL-G122 802.11b/g USB adapter -Wireshark (latest version) -KisMAC (latest version) To do free sniffing with this setup, you just go into Preferences -> Driver in KisMAC and select the RT2750 driver. Then you choose a file path for the resulting Dump file and begin your capture. After the KisMAC capture has begun, you can open Wireshark and then just open the dump file. The capture won't be live because you're capturing in one application (KisMAC) and viewing the captured frames in another (Wireshark), but you can always just hit Reload in Wireshark to get the latest frames that Kis