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OnHub: The Killer AP for K-12 Wi-Fi

Let's start by talking about what OnHub , Google's supercharged 802.11ac wireless router (made by TP-Link, actually) can not do. OnHub does not allow you to create multiple SSIDs.  Creating multiple SSIDs is nice because it allows a guest network to be created.  That way guests don't have to be given the Wi-Fi passphrase for the internal network.  (On the other hand, multiple SSIDs slow down Wi-Fi performance because each SSID has it's own set of Beacon frames.) OnHub does not allow you to choose your channel.  APs choosing their own channel often limits performance.  The best channel at a user's desk may be different from the best channel nearby the AP.  Usually selecting the best channel at the users' locations makes Wi-Fi work best.  (On the other hand, when the AP selects its own channel that means that the AP has the ability to change channels if a high-powered interference source is detected.) OnHub does not allow you to adjust AP transmit power.  

Webinar: Top 5 Wi-Fi Problems

I'm giving a Webinar today at 11 am, Pacific Time on five common Wi-Fi problems and how I use AirMagnet to troubleshoot them.  NetScout (formerly Fluke Networks Enterprise), owners of the AirMagnet product line, is putting it on. You can register here: Sorry for the late notice. If you miss the live Webinar, you can always access it later. *** If you like my blog, you can support it by shopping through my  Amazon  link.  You can also donate Bitcoin to  1N8m1o9phSkFXpa9VUrMVHx4LJWfratseU  or to my QR code: Twitter:  @Ben_SniffWiFi ben at sniffwifi dot com