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Testing Mobility with OmniPeek: Isolating the Station's Traffic

WildPackets OmniPeek has long been my favorite WiFi sniffing software, but lately this blog has been short on posts about it.  That needs to change.  So today I start a multi-part series (number of parts to be determined) on how I use OmniPeek to help me plan for and troubleshoot mobile devices. Mobility (defined here as seamless roaming between WiFi access points [APs]) is a longstanding enterprise WLAN issue that has kind of taken a back seat to supporting personal devices (a.k.a. BYOD).  For many enterprises, mobility remains important.  Car dealerships with push-to-talk handsets, warehouses with barcode/RFID scanners and retail locations with point-of-sale terminals are all examples of locations that require user devices to move around a large area without dropping connections, losing speed or experiencing choppy service. The solution to supporting mobility is to make sure that APs have adequate overlapping coverage without interfering.  It sounds simple, and it is.  But it