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Not Sniffing, but... LinkSprinter 300

Eleven months ago, I wrote about Fluke Networks' Ethernet testing tool, the LinkSprinter.  Now there's a new model, the LinkSprinter 300, and Fluke was nice enough to send me one to test.  
LinkSprinter 300 is basically the same as the LinkSprinter 200, except it costs an extra $100 and it has two extra features: one cool and one that I haven't tested.
I really, really hate it when people say "read this" in the middle of a discussion.  It is sauce of the weakest variety.  Just frickin' summarize it.  People tend to give me the ol' "read this" either when discussing a topic that they've written about or in an attempt to cite evidence.  In both cases, a summary will do.  If you are discussing Wi-Fi sniffing with me on Twitter and you wrote a white paper saying that Wireshark is the bee's knees, then tell me why on Twitter.  If you believe that it wasn't a fact that the Earth is round until Greek philosophers proved it a few thousand yea…

Using Discovery Software, Illustrated (with iOS Airport Utility)

I wrote about using Discovery software, and then it dawned on me: many people prefer pictures.

Here, then, is how I use Discovery software when troubleshooting Wi-Fi, illustrated.

First, I figure out which device needs troubleshooting.  In this case, let's pretend it's one or more iPhones.

(That #nofilter picture was taken by me at about 4:50 a.m. on the morning of January 20, 2009.  It was COLD a.f. out there.)

Notice how my iPhone shows RSSI instead of signal bars.  

Your iPhone/iPod/iPad can, too.
Once I know which device needs troubleshooting (and, PLEASE, do not skip that first step.  Troubleshooting without using the actual device that needs to use the Wi-Fi is a big waste of time that annoys users), then I need some Discovery software.
iOS: Airport Utility (Apple)
Mac OS X: Wireless Diagnostics (Apple), WiFi Explorer (Adrian Granados - $15)
Windows: Acrylic WiFi (Tarlogic), inSSIDer (Metageek - $20)
Android: WiFi Analyzer (farproc)
Chrome OS: NONE
I am troubleshooting an iPhone,…

Troubleshooting Using One of the Three Essential WI-Fi Troubleshooting Tools - Discovery Software

Who wants some free stuffffffff?!?

You're reading a free blog, so I'm guessing the answer is, "all of us".  And that's good.  You've come to the right place.  Because the first part of my three-part series on Essential Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Tools is going to be about the free (or, very inexpensive) one: Discovery Software.

Discovery software, which is also called Scanner software, is software that records and displays information that a Wi-Fi radio gathers during 802.11 Discovery.  There are two ways that 802.11 Discovery can be done: Active Scanning and Passive Scanning.  (Hence, the term "Scanner" software.)  Passive Scanning involves a device listening for Beacon frames that have been sent by APs.  Active Scanning involves a device sending Probe Request messages as a broadcast in the hopes of getting APs to respond with Probe Response messages.  Beacon frames and Probe Response frames carry essentially the same thing: information about the AP.

(Pop …