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Five Minutes to Get RSSI on Your iPhone's (or iPad's) Home Screen

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How to Get Your WiFi Channels Right

There is a dirty little secret in the world of enterprise Wi-Fi: auto-channel selection doesn't work very well.  Every wireless LAN vendor has it.  Every wireless LAN vendor promotes it.  But when the Wi-Fi gets busy or crowded of full of mobile devices, auto channels will leave users frustrated and admins confused.   What to do about enterprise auto-channel?  Why, fix it, of course.  Here are some tips for getting it fixed the right way. First, the positive side of auto-channel: it saves you time.  Auto-channel selection is one of the two primary parts of auto-RF protocols that are supported by enterprise controllers, APs and management systems.  (The other part is auto-transmit power.)  Auto-RF protocols automatically adjust channel numbers and transmit power levels on APs.  Auto-RF protocols use information received by a large number of APs to decide when to adjust.  What that means is that if an AP senses a microwave oven baking channel 11 every time Jessica re-heats her h