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Mighty iPhone Power Ranges

Oh, those darned iPhones. Can't live with 'em, can't keep your job without 'em. The vagaries of iPhones and other station devices are the most difficult part of managing a WiFi network, but there are some things that can be done on the infrastructure to try to make your stations work better. One of those things is lowering your AP transmit power to a level that more closely matches your client station's transmit power.  My main man G.T. Hill (of Ruckus Wireless ) recently wrote a blog post discussing why this post is bullshit. Now I'm going to tell you why his blog post is bullshit. (sorry, G.T.) G.T.'s primary point is that is is borderline mentally handicapped (politically correct term) to turn your AP's power down. His theory is that even if your client stations transmit at low power levels, having a high AP power level at least allows the from-AP data rates to stay as high as possible. (G.T. goes on to add that most traffic is downstream, th