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Time To Talk Chanalyzer

The Metageek spectrum analyzer package ( WiSpy hardware with Chanalyzer software ) has long been a favorite of thrifty sniffers. It has long deserved some praise from this blog, and with Chanalyzer 4 melting steel like a CM Punk promo , now is a good time to give it. For many years spectum analysis was overlooked or even ignored by WiFi professionals, and for good reason. If you were managing a wireless network back in the days of 802.11b (or even the early days of 802.11g), there was a paucity of good, affordable spectrum analysis tools. You could buy a hardware analyzer (I first used something similar to  this beast ), but those things were usually expensive and designed as general purpose analyzers rather than WiFi-specific analyzers. Spectrum analysis changed for the better in 2005, when Cognio released the Spectrum Expert analyzer. Their PC Card/software combo immediately became a favorite of WiFi folk and remains one today (though the product is now the Cisco Spectrum Expert a