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Roam Like No Other

Ahh, mobility.  The bane of my (and many others') wireless humanity.  Wherefore art thou be so fickle?  Different devices roam differently.  Different apps make the same device roam differently.  And sometimes it seems that the same device and same app will roam differently depending on the situation.  So what can we do about it?  And, perhaps more importantly, how can a WiFi sniffer help? Let's face it, folks: nomadic WiFi is easy (comparatively).  At a university, you have students that want WiFi for their iPads in dorms, classrooms, labs, the basketball arena and at lunch.  But rarely in between.  A student using an iPad nomadically is just plain easier to support than a doctor who wants to pull up an X-Ray while she's moving or a retail manager that needs to see a picture from the Band of Outsiders fall collection while she walks over from the jewelry section. Compounding the mobility problem is that the iPad may not be your only device.  There's an old say