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How to Capture WiFi (free!) in Mac OS X

I am working on an online video project, so I want to test out some videos.  Here's a two minute video on capturing WiFi in Mac OS X.

Ask Me Anything

I am going to try a Reddit AMA.

My Favorite Part of AirMagnet

It's Columbus Day!  A holiday that many of us heard of, a few of us object to and some of us don't get the day off for.  Let's call it a half-holiday. Yours truly is going to celebrate the day by celebrating one of my favorite sniffers, Fluke AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer.  Due to it being half-holiday, this will be a half-efforted blog post.  So no links and no graphics.  Just a little talk about my favorite part of that fine sniffer. AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer from Fluke Networks has been around for a long, long time (at least in WiFi years) and it continues to be one of the top WiFi sniffing options available.  I probably like WildPackets OmniPeek a little bit more because of its ease in manipulating frame traces, but AirMagnet (as I'll call Fluke AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer from here on out) has long been the best option for solving the vast majority of in-the-field WiFi problems. Last week I got to introduce AirMagnet to a few folks and it struck me that even though it i