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Here's One Eye P.A. That Won't Give You Bowel Cancer

You say you like WiFi Sniffing? And having fun? And not succumbing to a painful demise due to liver sclerosis? Well, then there's only one product pronounced eye-pee-ay for you: Metageek's new visual protocol analyzer, Eye P.A. Amid all of our divisions over race, gender, religion and whether the Champions Bowl is going to be better than the Rose Bowl, we can agree one one thing: products named after alcohol are great . So you can imagine my excitement when I was made aware that Metageek -- hero to Windows users , villain to Mac users  and tease to iPad users  -- had introduced a WiFi sniffer. Metageek is known 'round these parts ("round these parts" being, "in my opinion" ) as being a proprietor of low cost, attractive WLAN analysis tools. InSSIDer is the best active site surveying utility I've seen for Windows. The WiSpy/Chanalyzer combination is my spectrum analyzer of choice. (And I'll just choose to ignore the iPad tease that has been