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Keep It Legal, Wardrivers

Google recently got in some trouble for the way their wardrivers collect WiFi data for use with location services (Google Maps, for the most part). It looks like this faux pas was just a problem of improper filtering in whatever WiFi sniffer Google was using. If you want to do a little wardriving but you also want to insulate yourself from legal problems if anyone ever gets ahold of your captured frames, make sure you configure your filters properly. Let's start by talking about the differences in wardriving software. Most wardrivers use active scanning software like NetStumbler, KisMAC or Kismet. (I know, KisMAC and Kismet can also do passive scanning, but they are commonly used in active mode.) Active scanners are software applications that keep your WiFi adapter in managed mode, meaning it operates like a normal station. The only difference when you run an active scanner is that discovery information (that being information received from Beacon and Probe Response frames) is