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WiPry Spectrum is Great, but it's All About the iPad

We all know that the iPad is great. We watch video on it, we play games on it and we can view our  Twitter feeds  on it (which, really, is where we get  all important news ). The only problem is, I could never do any work on it. The fact that Apple doesn't allow the internal WiFi radio to be used as for protocol analyzer software, site survey software or spectrum analyzer software always bugged me. Now, thanks to Oscium's WiPry-Spectrum , a spectrum analyzer is available, and boy does it show why the iPad is the ideal form factor for WiFi field work. Oscium is a company that I was unfamiliar with up until I happened upon their website while searching the web for iPad apps, and there is a reason for that. They are a company that makes device testing tools, not WiFi analysis tools. Luckily, those interests overlap. People who test devices need spectrum analyzers, and so do people who sniff WiFi. In this case that leads to a beneficial crossover, though there are some ways in