An OmniPeek Deal

WildPackets has a sizable discount for OmniPeek Professional right now if you bundle it with three OmniWiFi 802.11a/b/g/n 3-stream USB adapters.  

WildPackets OmniPeek has long been my favorite WiFi sniffer, and the OmniWiFi USB adapter is currently my favorite capture device.  So getting a package of OmniPeek Pro with three OmniWiFi adapters at a $900 discount would seem to be an awesome deal, right?  Sort of.

There are several versions of WildPackets OmniPeek, and for the most part the more expensive versions add features that are far more useful for wired sniffing than for wireless sniffing.  One look at the OmniPeek comparison chart reveals that the Compass screen and roaming testing are the only features that could possibly maybe justify a WiFi person spending $3,000 (discounted to $2,400 as part of the deal referenced above) on OmniPeek Pro rather than $1,200 on OmniPeek Basic.

Compass is nice, and if you have a relatively large budget for WiFi sniffing software, then the deal referenced above may be a good deal.  Budget-conscious folks might have a tougher choice.  Do you want OmniPeek for general monitoring, troubleshooting and analysis?  If so, then maybe Pro is the move.  If you're more of a hardcore capture person who uses OmniPeek for filtering, statistics gathering and deep analysis, then Basic may be better.


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