Five Minutes to Get RSSI on Your iPhone's (or iPad's) Home Screen

Via my YouTube page:

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  1. Which version of iOS were you running?

  2. Whatever the latest version is. 8 something?

  3. Hi Ben

    tried your steps with my Iphone 6 version 8.3
    but did not see any RRSI value in my Plist file ,,it looks like my springboard file looks shorter then yours
    mine has 59 line only and 1KB..any idea what could be the issue


  4. Plane,
    In the same boat here. Tried adding in the relevant lines but it did not produce results.
    However I did find that you can get RSSI by Option-Clicking the wifi icon on a mac.

  5. Hey Ben,
    Did you happen to find a way to re-enable this on iOS 10?


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