Device Retry% in Fluke AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer (Video!)

So I'm milling around Twitter one afternoon when someone told me that Fluke AirMagnet WiFi Analyzer was overwhelming.  Well, it is if you don't know what to look for.  And since I'm in the midst of developing an online class about WiFi sniffing, I decided to whip up a shabby-looking 10 minute video that might help those who feel overwhelmed.

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Thank you.


  1. Hi Ben,

    I follow your SniffWiFi blog and wonder whether you'd be interested in working with me analysing some odd Wi-Fi behaviour i've been seeing on my WLAN using Omnipeek. Might be of mutual interest?

    - Jon Foster

  2. Email me at What you are describing sounds like contract work (meaning, not free).

  3. Hello Ben, How is it going with class schedule? What would be the price?

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